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Notes From My Sabbatical

Hey, why not start a blog? I’m on sabbatical this semester, working on two recording projects, developing my ongoing work with modern dancer Robin Becker, attending workshops and concerts, and starting a side business selling violins, violas, and cellos on the Internet.

Who, me, try to do too much at once?

The sabbatical started in late May when the spring semester ended. It continues until January 30, when DePauw’s spring semester begins. One of the great benefits of being a college professor is the opportunity to have some time off from teaching, time to rest and recover from the inevitable burnout that occurs in most committed teachers, and the time to develop new areas of creativity and/or research. The idea is that the teacher will return refreshed, renewed, and with new accomplishments and resources to offer the students.

I’ll use this space to record interesting (to me, anyway) experiences, thoughts, insights, etc.


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