Another good cello video site

A wonderful find: the Las Vegas Philharmonic has streaming videos of master classes with various emminent soloists, including cellists Brinton Smith, Zuill Bailey, and Nathaniel Rosen. What a great thing online video is!

Thanks to Brinton for posting the link in the Internet Cello Society Cello Chat forum.



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3 responses to “Another good cello video site

  1. Anne-Lise

    What a great link!

  2. Terry

    I’ve only seen some of Brinton Smith’s so far, but, as with other masterclasses I’ve seen by fine cellists, I’m so impressed at the master’s listening ability, attention to detail, and imagination for what each note and phrase can be, rather than just satisfying the requirements on the written page.

    I wonder, does that come as a by-product of the years of training and listening, or does it have to be an already innate ear and drive for artistry, albeit undeveloped?

  3. Anonymous

    Terry … probably a bit of both…

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