YouTube of the day

The person who pointed this video out to me says the cellist is Amanda Forsyth, who is also Mrs. Pinchas Zuckerman. As you watch, you’ll see the orchestra and conductor screw up pretty badly; it’s easy to have empathy for the frustration Ms. Forsyth felt in the situation. The question is, though, how do you comport yourself on stage in such a situation?

We all have our bad days. This one is too much of a meltdown not to share.

Update: A number of cellists have confirmed that the soloist here had a memory snafu; the breakdown came after she skipped 30 or 40 measures. The comments in Cello Chat and on my class blog are uniformly disapproving of the soloists manner. On YouTube, they are mixed.



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5 responses to “YouTube of the day

  1. Scott Spiegelberg

    I thought she was rather restrained, considering. It was interesting seeing how she converted her frustration into energetic performance.

  2. Anonymous

    She screwed up! She makes it look like it was the orchestra’s fault.

  3. Not a Fan of amanda

    She’s bloody rude. I saw her in concert last night and each time the guest concert master stood up.. she turned her head and started chatting with the muscian next to her. Ottawa can do without her

  4. Anonymous

    Amanda is a brilliant musician as is Pinchas Zukerman. Ottawa in fact….is lucky to have both of them (ask around) and it’s about time that people in the city such as yourself stopped its whining and learned to appreciate the talent that is an honour to have there. I think it’s pretty egotistical for you, “not a fan of amanda” to think that your opinion speaks for the entire National Capital.

  5. Anonymous

    I see her driving around in her car with her dog on her lap. She is desperately trying to forge an identity but, alas, is perceived as a loser by most of the NAC Orchestra as well as the concert going audience in Ottawa. The sooner she leaves the better.

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