I love John Stewart and Stephen Colbert

And their colleagues.

This is a golden age of political satire. Both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on Comedy Central consistently illuminate political hypocrisy in a way that is wildly entertaining and profoundly insightful. They provide some of the best political commentary to be found in the media today. John Stewart is perhaps the greatest educator to ever use the television medium, and his work has given brith to Colbert’s. The last person to so brilliantly use television to entertainingly educate, with such extraordinary brilliance and insight, was Leonard Bernstein. Completely different field, of course.

Last night both TDS and TCR skewered the Republican attempts to make Tuesday’s election about John Kerry’s gaffe. The mismanagement of national security over the past 6 years is of such a magnitude that it’s nearly incomprehensible. The Iraq debacle is as sickening as it is tragic. And these brilliant political comics and satirists, masters of their media, show this in a way that is incredibly clear, and more effective than long-winded essays.


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