Matthew Barley

Matthew Barley is a terrific Brit cellist. I love his CD Silver Swan, which I’ve had for a while. In terms of really fascinating and well-done multi-track recording, he’s right up there with David Darling and Maya Beiser.

I just came across his website. Fabulous. One of the best websites of any classical/post-classical performer I’ve ever seen (only criticism: if you are going to start a blog, then blog). And a great article on improvisation (which is how I found it).



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2 responses to “Matthew Barley

  1. Matthew Barley

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for your comments – much appreciated.
    Yes, I’ve been way too slow off the mark – too busy, Christmas and New Year, Holiday, illness, too busy again…..but now I’ve mastered it, and I’m off!
    Am coming to the States next year for a Protecting Veil in Alabama – can’t wait.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Eric Edberg

    Hey Matthew (or do you prefer Matt?)–

    Thanks for your note. And I hope you get some more dates in the states–I’d love to hear you in person.


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