Moving Out on Their Own

The New Year’s Eve parties were great. A lovely way to end a great year.

And in the fresh-start department, I’m reorganizing my blogging life. This blog seems to have three focuses: music/cello, politics and LGBTQ issues, and observations/musings on personal/family life, etc. My instinct is to give each area its own space, so that’s what I’m doing.

This blog will focus on music. I’ve started a new blog on politics and LGBTQ issues. There’s a link to it in the “about me” section to the right, as well as a feed with the titles of the 5 most recent posts a bit further down.

I’ll set up the more personal one soon–once I’ve come up with a creative name and URL.

And happy new year!



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4 responses to “Moving Out on Their Own

  1. Anne-Lise

    A happy and musical year year to you too.

  2. Guanaco

    Happy new year Eric!

    Good luck keeping up with so many blogs. I tried to maintain just two for a brief period, but then I would feel guilty for some reason if I wrote more in one and not enough in the other.

    BTW, I’ve been collecting a list of blogging cellists – the total, now, is 39. I keep all their links in my blog sidebar.

  3. Eric Edberg

    Thanks, you two. And that’s a great list of links.

    It will be interesting to see how the multiple-blog thing works out. I’ve been feeling a self-imposed expectation that I should give “equal time” to all areas in a single blog. So I’m expecting I’ll feel more free about going off on long rants about LGBT issues without feeling like it will be uninteresting or annoying to those more interested in cello and music topics (who seem to e most of my readers).

  4. PinkFluffySlippers

    Happy 2007! I like the mix of topics here but I understand the urge to separate them.

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