The Case for Classical Music, Old and New

as made by Peter Maxwell Davies (via Elaine Fine).



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2 responses to “The Case for Classical Music, Old and New

  1. Guido

    Hi. I’ve got to defend myself again against ignorant remarks on cello chat. Getting so sick of that place. Anyway…

    I was just wondering if you remembered reading some quotations from news articles accross the twentieth century from american newspapers saying that classical music was just about to die. I seem to remember reading it either on your blog, or a lnk from your blog (possibly Greg Sandow?), but I can’t remember now, nor can I find it. Do you have any idea what I’m on about? Perhaps I didn’t read it here! Sorry to be so vague, but just wondering if you could help.

  2. Eric Edberg

    I thinnk that may have been on Alex Ross’s site, Alex is one of those who thinks some of the rest of us are wringing our hands too much.

    BTW, I decided to stay clear of the Cell Chat contorversial threads, so you may notice I didn’t post anything in the one that started with the Isserlis review and moved to national schools of playing. Much nicer this way–hope I keep it up.

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