The Grocery-Bag Riots

Responding to the mounting environmental danger posed by discarded plastic bags, Whole Foods is now selling cotton bags in which to take home one’s groceries. They are, in certain urban areas, the thing to have. The New York Times reports:

“A stampede of would-be purchasers in Taiwan in June sent 30 people to the hospital and required the riot police. A similar outpouring in Hong Kong caused no injuries, but the police closed down the shopping mall.”

Here in Greencastle, the Kroger store recently switched to new, slightly thinner plastic bags which split open with little provocation. I mentioned this to a cashier, who said mine was a common complaint.

And guess what? At the same time the new plastic bags were introduced, displays of purchasable, reusable bags appeared. Coincidence? Hah!

We had no stampede here, however. The expensive bags have now disappeared, and we’re just double-bagging everything. Worse for the environment, and probably costing Kroger more money.

OK, OK, I’ll get my own canvas bags somewhere.

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One response to “The Grocery-Bag Riots

  1. The Omniscient Mussel

    The very best reusable bags can be found at

    There is a small problem revolving around the fact that you don’t live in England but a link at the bottom of the site is helpful for locating a local supplier.

    The best part is, they only cost $3 and they last forever.

    Miss Mussel doesn’t usually do adverts in the comments but this time…well…they’re really good 😉

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