219.5 and still falling . . .

I just got back a couple of days ago from a concert tour in China with the DePauw Chamber Singers “plus cello.” It was an amazing experience, about which I’ll write more and post some photos. Beijing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Shanghai. Absoultely incredible.

Before I get the photos downloaded, I’ll mention that I was surprised to see that my previous post, “229.5 and falling” received more attention than I expected. Lovely comments from Terry and Emily (who is writing in amazing detail these days about holding the cello bow on her blog), a couple of emails, and a mention on Jimmy Moore’s “Livin’ la vida low-carb” blog, which I consider to be “the mother of all low-carb blogs.”

And today I stepped on the scale and wow!–I’m down to 219.5. It was quite easy to eat a low-carb diet in China. Our meals were served family-style, at round tables with lazy Susans in the middle. I ate lots of meat and veggie dishes, and only small amounts of rice and noodles, sometimes none. And we did tons of walking during the tourist-adventure portions of the trip, so I got plenty of exercise.


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4 responses to “219.5 and still falling . . .

  1. Jimmy Moore

    CONGRATULATIONS on your progress, Eric! KEEP IT UP!!! 🙂

  2. Eric Edberg

    Thanks Jimmy, and for the inspiration and support you are giving to so many of us.

  3. bob (the traveller)

    Hi Eric

    It’s bob (the traveller) from FoodIsRemedy. It surprises me when you say it’s easy to eat low-carb in China. It had the impression that it’s much easier in the Western part of the world. Rice and flour-based staple is big in Asia and many simply can’t survive without it. For many people I’ve met, even taking less rice is like heresy. I’m curios to know how do you mean easy as compared to where you are from… it might provide an insight for me in helping those who need to go low-carb here in Asia.

  4. todd

    Congratulations, Eric, that’s really great!

    And I for one can’t wait to see pictures of the China tour.


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