Haydn B Major?

Hey, did someone discover another Haydn cello concerto and not tell me about it?

In an interesting article about the summer festival lives of St. Louis Symphony players, Post-Dispatch critic Sarah Bryan Miller tells us about Bjorn Ranheim’s experiences as principal cellist of the Colorado Music Festival.

The festival performed the nine Beethoven symphonies, plus Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, in just eight days. Ranheim played all of the cello solos, while preparing Haydn’s B major Cello Concerto.

B major? Maybe Bjorn’s just playing the D major concerto up a third. Or the C major concerto down a second. (Wow–that would be a challenge now that I think about it.)

What would life be without typos?

I knew Bjorn slightly when he was a student at the Interlochen Arts Camp and I was teaching there (he was working with Pamela Frame). He was a wonderful, dedicated, and hard-working kid, and it’s great to see he’s grown up and landed a great job. Or two great jobs, actually, one in Mississippi and one in Colorado. (And could anyone possibly look more Scandinavian?)


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