Ben Sollee

Fascinating NPR World Café interview with cellist/singer Ben Sollee. When I try to sing and play, it usually gets all “chuffed up.” So I’m in awe of guys like this. (David Darling is terrific at it too, in a completely different style.)



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3 responses to “Ben Sollee

  1. guido

    I am aware of several singers who play cello simultaneously but they all use pizz all of the time. To me this is pointless as a guitar is much better at that if that is all you are going to do… bowing and singing is much harder to do of course is required in pieces like Louis Andreissen’s demanding but stunningly beautiful La Voce.

  2. Ben’s got a great voice and when he’s working with Abby (Abigail Washburn) they beautifully complement each other.

    I’ve found that (referring to the bowing vs/ plucking while singing comment) singing while bowing isn’t any more difficult than while plucking–as long as it’s a percussive bowing rather than sustained bowing. The exception to that being when doubling yourself on the cello with what you’re doing vocally.

    What’s really difficult, however, is singing in a completely non-western vocal style (like Azeri mugham, or Punjabi rabiabi) while playing in that style on the cello.

  3. I like the comments, it`s hard plucking or bowing while singing, but it all depends on the kind of arrangement. I find using the bow much more interesting, but pizz is also very rich sometimes, as it is a different sound and dynamics for cello playing compared to the guitar accompaniment.
    well, I`ve been exploring it all for some time now: plucking(not my strong), rhythmic and harmonic comping, and counterpoint between cello and voice.
    check it out and ask me questions if you want:
    all the best

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