Video: Self-Expressive Improv, Part 1

An invitation to explore self-expressive “free” improvisation, in which, as we say in Music for People, “there are no wrong notes.” (I blogged about the comedy of errors I experiened making these videos here.)



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2 responses to “Video: Self-Expressive Improv, Part 1

  1. Very well put!

    I felt compelled to add a couple of suggestions, after watching this. It’s fun to play with other people in this way also. Improvising with other people can take you in directions you never thought you’d go before. No one has any expectations. It’s just pure fun.

    I also wanted to recommend playing with acoustic rock or folk singer/songwriters, in their context. As cellists, we have so many tonal possibilities–we can play like a cello, like an upright bass, like an electric guitar, like a synthesizer, like a violin–that it can really add a lot to someone’s music if they’re singing and playing acoustic guitar or piano. They tell you what key their songs are in, and you can pretty much play whatever you feel is appropriate, and I’m here to tell you that they’ll love it.

    Not to mention the fact that you can get paid to do it, which is always nice.

  2. Todd, you’re absolutely right. I love improvising with others, and facilitate group improv workshops and classes, and have loved playing with others in jam sessions and at Music for People events.

    I haven’t done as much playing with singer/songwriters as I’d like–a function in part of my relative isolation in Greencastle, Indiana. When I have though, it’s been a blast, and I should look for opportunities to do more.

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