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A Leonard Rose video I hadn’t seen before

There aren’t many videos available of the great American cellist Leonard Rose (with whom I had the honor of studying with for a year).  And, sadly, many of the CD reissues of his solo recordings are out of print.  (Why aren’t the big labels making more of their back catalog available in download-only form?  I was searching for recordings of the Lalo Cello Concerto yesterday, and was shocked to see that Rose’s isn’t available on CD, Itunes, or Amazon downloads.)

Here are  the first two movements of the Brahms B Major piano trio, with Eugene Istomin and Issac Stern.  Looks to me like it’s from the late 1970s or early 1980s (Rose died in 1984).  The camera work is good–lots of shots of Rose playing from a variety of angles;  you can really see that magnificent bow arm and the ease of his left hand.  Who knows how long it will be up;  enjoy it while you can.  (Yes, it is wonderful to see Istomin and Stern, too, but the thrill for me is seeing Rose.)

1st movement:

2nd movement:



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