Texting in a movie theatre

A friend writes:

Now a word of puzzlement.  The fellow two seats from me was texting almost continuously during the film.  For the life of me, I could not understand why anyone would pay $9.50 to see a movie and then want to text. After about 30 minutes,  I finally had enough and asked him to put it away, which he did.

I don’t get to movies much, and so I haven’t encountered this phenomenon in person.  My friend makes a good point.  Why pay money to watch a movie and then not watch it?  Or deprive yourself of the pleasure of fully escaping into the world the film creates?


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One response to “Texting in a movie theatre

  1. Gin

    I have always enjoyed the experience of seeing a movie at a theatre. When the lights go out and I am locked into the frame of the screen, the last thing I want is to be torn out by some glowing device which reminds me of work. I never know how to approach the perpetrator. I am not a confrontational person (I lose my breath when I am afraid) but I will say something if it is ruining my evening. After I get up the guts, it still ruins the next 20 minutes because I am too busy thinking about what just happened. I say check em’ at the door people. Sit back relax and enjoy the film.

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