So same-sex marriage rights were overturned last week in Maine.

You know what?  I’m fucking tired of being treated like a second-class citizen.  While there seems to be apathy and resignation in the air, a new wave of steady, committed insistence on equal rights is coming.

Meanwhile, this guy is great:

via AmericaBlogGay


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  1. Erik Hamrefors

    Despair not, my friend!
    If it took us in Sweden until May anno 2009 (yes, that’s Sweden I’m talking about here! Even Spain managed to do it quicker!!!???!!!) to officially recognize gay marriage, then maybe it will require a large, higly populated and socially rather conservative country like the US a few more years to finally make such a initialize such a sensitive reform. How many? I’m guessing around 10, but I could be overly opti-/pessimistic 😉 Anyhow, just compare the US to other countries in your size class, (like China, Russia, India and Brazil) and I’d say you’re well on your way! Changes come more slowly in larger social contexts…

    /Miffopro from CC

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