Buy six pounds of bacon on sale and who shows up?

I stopped at the grocery store this evening.  Oscar Meyer bacon, which is my favorite supermarket brand (when I can get nitrate-free bacon I do, but it takes a trip to Indianapolis), was on sale for $2.99 a pound, so I bought six pounds (it’s usually $5.89 or so).  “Use by Jan. 29,” the packages said, and between my regular 2 slices a morning and the kids home for the holidays, it’ll all be gone before then.

When I was done, the little machine spit out a string of coupons, including three (!) $2.00-off-your-next-order ones from Oscar Meyer.  A friend was two people behind me in line.  “Look at all these two-dollars-off coupons,” I called to him, holding them up.  “You won the lottery,” he replied.

Then I noticed who the coupons were from.  “Ah!”  I explained.  “It must be because I bought six pounds of bacon!”  My vegetarian friend grimaced.

Then who sticks his head out from behind my friend but my doctor?

“That’s great,” he drolly added.  He has not seen the low-carb, bacon-friendly light and evidently still thinks saturated fat is bad for people.

I played along.  “It’s for the kids,” I said.  He wasn’t buying it.

“Well, at least I’m making work for some cardiologist in the future.”  He didn’t seem to appreciate the joke. So I took my treasure home.


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  1. If I end up at IU, I will bring Neiman Ranch bacon and cook a feast for you guys. Not only is it the most bacony bacon, but it is also from pigs that are treated well.

    Hee hee. Bacony bacon.

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