Happy Thanksgiving

Both kids have arrived home from college, safe and healthy and doing well.  Much to be thankful for, just there.  My son brought a buddy (funny, neither of us uses that word in conversation but it just came out) home with him.  I like that he wouldn’t want a friend staying on campus alone.

Two big meals today.

Thanksgiving dinner number one is at 1:00 PM at my parent’s house.  They’re not exactly shut-ins, but they are somewhat shut in, and not comfortable joining the large multi-family 6:00 PM Thanksgiving dinner number two at my next-door neighbors’ house.  Some smooth negotiating went into arranging the timing.  It works out well that the kids and I can have dinner with my parents, Allison (my ex) can have dinner with her boyfriend and his family (also at 1:00, in another city), and we can all be at the evening dinner with our extended “family of choice” at 6:00 PM.

I love how friends become family.  And our families of choice don’t have the baggage and resentments that are so often part of the family you don’t choose.

It’s going to be a pretty low-stress series of meals.  My dad, smartest guy I know, spotted an ad for a local restaurant open today.  Tell them how many servings you want of turkey, dressing, etc., and they’ll have it ready for you to pick up.  I initially recoiled in horror.  A take-out Thanksgiving?  Then I realized it was a good idea.  So much tension can develop around all the cooking.  My daughter and I will make one dish to bring, and other than that it is all taken care of.

Ah.  I’m relaxing this morning rather than going crazy.

The evening meal has lots of people each bringing part of the meal.  I’ve been in charge of turkeys the last few years, but today it’s just corn pudding and a pie, which I’m getting from a lady who goes to my church and who makes incredible pies and sells them to augment her income.

Ah (again).  Nice day.  My parents are healthy, I’m healthy, and the kids are home safe and doing well.  Can’t ask for much more.  I hope you are similarly blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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