At the Midwest Clinic

I’m in Chicago (where it’s been in the 20s but, thankfully, the “Windy City” hasn’t been windy), attending the Midwest [Band and Orchestra] Clinic.  I gave a presentation yesterday on cello technique basis. If you’re finding your way here for the first time because you were there, welcome!

I’ll be posting a more detailed version of my handout once I get back to Indiana, along with some video clips covering some of the issues we discussed.

Meanwhile, I’m having a great time attending conference sessions and hearing fantastic young orchestras from around the country.  The Carmel (IN) High School orchestra was incredible, I say with unabashed Hoosier pride. And the Lafayette High School Chamber Orchestra (from Lexington KY) was amazing as well, playing with extraordinary energy and enthusiasm.

Those of us who participate in training young people to be professional musicians worry a lot about audience declines, etc.  Hanging out with people whose mission is involving young people in making music, period (i.e., not necessarily to have a career, “just” to transform their lives) is a joy.  Great, positive people with a nearly intoxicating sense of purpose.



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3 responses to “At the Midwest Clinic

  1. Amanda Schlegel

    Dr. Edberg,
    Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your helpful presentation at the Midwest Clinic. I am teaching a string techniques class this spring semester and being a non-string player, I have been seeking out information, techniques, and methods from those “in the know” and found your cello presentation so helpful. I’m hoping it helps me personally with my cello playing and that I can play without the lower back pain that has been plaguing me for 2 months now. Thanks again!!
    Happy Holidays!

    Amanda L. Schlegel
    PhD Candidate, Music Education
    Louisiana State University

  2. Scott Laird

    Hey Eric!
    Great to see you in Chicago. Just stumbled onto your blog. Mine is at
    Take care.

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