David Darling Wins a Grammy!

David Darling, the extraordinary musician and creativity/improvisation facilitator, has just won a Grammy!   Prayer for Compassion won Best New-Age Album.  David co-founded Music for People, which has inspired so much of my own improvisation teaching, and is someone from whom I’ve learned an extraordinary amount.  I’m incredibly happy for him!

I didn’t know what to post about tonight–and it was taken care of for me.  David was one of the pioneers of the use of guitar pedals, delays, loopers, and other electronic processing in live cello performance;  he was the first cellist, I believe to do multi-track cello albums, at least on a major label.  His ECM albums, produced by Manfred Eicher, are legendary.

Bravo, David.  I love you!



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3 responses to “David Darling Wins a Grammy!

  1. Sharon

    Isn’t it great!!!! And my, don’t YOU look different!!! I’m so happy for David- after all these years and such incredible work.

  2. What a wonderful development: truly earned; long overdue!

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