One link at a time . . .

It’s quite a while ago that I had a big problem with my website and decided to temporarily host it (via the miracle of URL redirection) on the wonderfully versatile and multi-page formatted, combinging the website and the old blog. (The “big problem” was I had done the old site using FrontPage, on a Dell laptop that belonged to DePauw.  Then they gave me a new laptop, and I switched to Mac, not knowing there was no FrontPage for the Mac, and I’ve never had the patience to figure out Dreamweaver.)

I’ve actually had a lot of compliments on the layout, etc., it all comes from one of the standard WordPress templates.  Which goes to show you can have a good-looking website for free. (So every performer and ensemble has no excuse not to have one!)

Now that I’ve committed myself to an entry-a-day for a year (since I missed one, this is now #3, with 362 to go), I’m also finally getting my links to other blogs and sites moved over here.  It was easy as pie to import all the blog entries, but the links have to be done manually as far as I can tell, and my single biggest talent seems to be procrastination. (Hey, what’s so easy about pie anyway? I can think of plenty of things easier to bake.) I’m one of those all-or-nothing guys, and the thought of doing all those links just felt horrible.  Lately I’ve gotten better at pacing myself; I’m trying to do one or two every time I write a post.  It’s actually not so hard this way.

If you’re reading this in a blog reader, you might want to visit the actual site once in a while.  (I read all my blogs in a blog reader myself.  Don’t you just hate the ones that don’t give you the entire entry?)   I will announce changes, such as hey, there are now some links up in posts as well.

Today I added links to some of my favorites:  my DePauw colleague Scott Spiegelberg’s Musical Perceptions, Holly Mulcahy’s Neo-Classical, my friend Eric Barnhill’s The Daily Improvisation, Charles Noble’s NobleViola, and Kenneth Woods’ A View From the Podium.  I was please to note that Ken still lists me as a “blog of distinction” even though it’s been quite some time since I linked back to him.

If you’re not familiar with those blogs, or the others in my growing link list, check them out!


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