Where are we going?

Man, have I been going through a lot of stuff.  Maybe you have, too.  Seems like when I talk with someone honestly, we all are.

Took my mother to deposit some checks into her savings account.  On the way, she asked three times what we were doing.

I took most of July “off” from helping her.  Since my father’s death in January, it’s been a second job.  (Two people have now given me the book The 36-Hour Day, about caring for a loved one with dementia, so I guess I should read it.)  A wonderful young woman appeared in our lives and I’ve been able to hire her to spend time with Mom.  Not that I have been entirely absent;  just was able to take a trip, and to not go over every single day.

Now I’m enjoying being with her again.  And am off on another short trip, with my son and ex-wife, to visit my daughter in New York for her birthday.  When I get back, a focus on places that might be good for my mother to live in;  I think she needs not just more care but especially more community than we can give her.


I used to have a website, an Eric-Edberg-the-cellist promo website, and a separate blog.  Then, when the website got screwed up, I combined them here.  That’s made the blogging thing a bit confusing.  Is it a self-promotion blog?  Is it a bare-my-soul blog?  Is it a commentary blog?  I’m interested in so many things–music, classical music revitalization, spirituality, theology, religion, politics, LGBT issues.  “Successful” blogs seem to have a primary focus.  I’ve been doing some private journaling, which is great.  One doesn’t have to put everything online.  And yet there’s something wonderful about the conversation a blog can be part of.

All of which is to say I’m in a process of letting what form this wants to be in reveal itself.

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