How to extend Iphone battery life: don’t use it.

When I logged on to WordPress this morning, my eye was caught by photo promoting this post on extending battery life in “smart” phones.

Last summer, after I was given my first (and so far only) Iphone, I was dismayed to see how quickly the battery ran out.  Then John, my former brother-in-law, told me that if I turned off the 3G function (and he was kind enough to show me how to do so) the battery would last longer.  I’d thought something was going wrong with the thing. Over the last year, I’ve gotten used to turning on the 3G only when I really need it and then turning it back off again.

The gist of the article is to put the phone in airplane mode when possible, text instead of calling, don’t listen to music or watch videos, keep the screen off, shutdown apps running in the background, the GPS function, etc.  In other words, use it as if it were just a regular old mobile phone. Disable everything that made you want to shell out the money for the phone and the data plan.

Later today I’ll take a train from Cold Spring, New York into Manhattan.  I’ll be with my ex-wife and kids, so I’ll have people to talk to.  Otherwise, it would be great to surf the web, read email, watch an episode of something or part of a movie.  And then I’d get to New York and not have much battery left.  I wanted an Iphone so that I wouldn’t need to carry around an Ipod and a phone.  In order to do that, and really take advantage of all the Iphone’s capabilities while being away from a charger, it seems like I need to buy a portable charger. One more thing for the pocket.

The joke is on me, isn’t it?

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One response to “How to extend Iphone battery life: don’t use it.

  1. This is pedantic and probably a little off-topic, but Apple’s “i” devices are lowercase i followed by and uppercase letter. iPhone not Iphone. iPad and iPod and iMac, et cetera.

    As for battery life on smartphones, it is a balancing act. My HTC Driod Incredible can usually last the day without a charge. I’ve always got WiFi and 3G turned on, and I do a mix of email and web browsing most days.

    With the release of iOS 4.0, which allows for 3rd party background tasks, you’ll have to be aware of which applications you use as some might drag the battery down even faster.

    The whole “smartphone” idea is still relatively new, hopefully there is a battery revolution coming that will truly make these devices functional all day without the need for periodic charges.

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