Getting the 18-40 Crowd to Attend

How to Get the 18-40 Crowd to Put Down the Controller and Go to Your Theatre: a great post by Melissa Hillman, Artistic Director of the Impact Theatre in Berkeley.  (Thanks to Mike Nelson, @kickassclassical on Twitter). Here are the main points.  Read her elaborations.  Brilliant.

1. Do the kinds of plays young people want to see.

2. Be realistic about your pricing.

3. Market to young people.

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One response to “Getting the 18-40 Crowd to Attend

  1. What a terrific article — thanks for posting it! Being a young person myself (I’m 27) I can particularly relate to what was said in 3. Market to young people about not being pretentious and making young people feel comfortable. I’ve been at various performances where I was made to feel very uncomfortable at best and explicitly unwelcome at worst and I’m glad this was addressed. Doing well at everything else (or getting young people in the door despite not doing those things) isn’t worth much if the young people don’t have fun because they are made to feel uncomfortable — we just won’t come back!

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