Office View

I wrote the other day about how moving operations to a coffee shop (from my NY bedroom) was helping productivity.  It was a Starbuck’s that day, right in my building.  Looked up from the laptop at one point and discovered this view:

I guess the moral of the story is that you never know when some asshole with an iPhone is going to take a picture of your, well . . . ass.  So keep it covered, unless you want it broadcast all over the Internet.

Stayed at home yesterday, which was enough to validate the thesis that renting “office space” for the price of a cup of coffee beats being stuck in my room .  So I’m at another Starbuck’s today (it’s true, in NY there seems to be one every other block).  I picked this one over a Cosi, which has more comfortable-looking chairs, because it had an open table near an outlet for my charger.


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