Underground Cello, Take II

Today was my second time playing in the subway.  I just felt like playing for people, so I grabbed a folding chair and to my nearest station, the 96th St. 1-2-3 (those are the numbers of the trains that stop there).  I played Bach, and a few improvisations, and somewhere in the middle a really nice version of The Swan, if I say so myself.

Last time I worked as an underground cellist, so to speak, it was part of Dale Henderson‘s Bach in the Subways Day celebration of J.S. Bach’s birthday (March 21).  Dale’s very big on not taking money, and that day I smiled and declined any offers of tips.  Today I decided to let people put their dollars in my cello case, or, a couple of times, in my shirt pocket (they didn’t want the bills to get blown away).  $13 in about 75 minutes. So this was not an official “Bach in the Subways” event.

Not a way to make a living, but an interesting experiment. Now I have to decide whether I’m going to keep the money or give it away. I know when I give money to someone playing in the subway, I mean it as thanks–and it is important to accept thanks.

Anyway, if you were there and picked up a card, hi!  And if you thanked me with a dollar or two, you’re welcome, and thank you.  


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One response to “Underground Cello, Take II

  1. Nicole Brockmann

    Er, you know you have to have a permit for that, right? I would hate to see all that money going to pay a NYC fine!

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