Baby Got Bach: Two Shows Sunday

I’ve been in a kind of oh-no-I-go-home-to-Indiana-next-week funk and haven’t gotten myself to write much this week. My daughter keeps reminding to enjoy being here now–always a good idea.  This weekend most of my time is taken up with a big cello playing and teaching seminar in which I’m participating.

If  I wasn’t doing that, I’d head down to the Village tomorrow morning or early afternoon.

One of the most fun events I’ve been to here is Orly Shaham’s Baby Got Bach.  Given the success of the series this year, two more shows were added at LPR, and they are tomorrow at 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM. (And if you hurry over to, you might snag a discount ticket for the 1:30 PM show.)

No, I don’t have a young kid to take.  But I had so much time hanging out with all the other people’s kids, and feeling like a kid myself last time, it would be great to visit again.


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  1. Wonderful Blog, congratulations
    Best wishes from Spain

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