Tonight: The Downtown Chamber Series in Phoenix

I’ve been having a great time in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I arrived Sunday morning to celebrate the birthdays on my (as of Sunday) nine-year-old twin niece and nephew.  They are now the proud wearers of IU (that’s Indiana University) red, and Indianapolis Colts (that’s a football team–OK, you may know that, but my sister didn’t) blue, shirts.  I didn’t get to the DePauw bookstore in time to get them apparel from my employer, so they’ll get another set of DPU black and gold togs for Christmas.

I’m leaving in about fifteen minutes to see if I can’t get into this evening’s sold-out performance of The Downtown Chamber Series in Phoenix. Rob Simonds, a former Phoenix Symphony violinist now in Indianapolis, alerted me to this series, of which he has been an integral part, and which he tells me is doing very well, attracting good audiences, and features multiple-genre programming.  He’d seen a post I’d written (on another site) about the classical/folk mashup concert on the series I organize in Greencastle and wrote me about some similar experiments in Phoenix.

Tonight’s program is at the Phoenix Art Museum.  Here’s the description from the website (which I have a hunch may disappear soon):

A program featuring guitar, violin, piano, clarinet and double bass, performing in gallery space amidst the museum’s contemporary collection. The program will present a wide palette of international styles originating from Turkey, Argentina, the Netherlands, the United States, Cuba and Spain.

Matt Gould, guitar
Beth Schneider, violin
Larry Loeber, piano
Jana Starling, clarinet
John Ebinger, double bass

Program will include:
Marcele Pavia, Amancay for clarinet and guitar (Argentina/Italy, world premiere)
Jorge Liderman, Aires de Sefarad for violin and guitar (Spanish songs by an Argentine-American composer)
Annette Kruisbrink, Five Dances for double bass and guitar (Netherlands)
Paul Richards, Cypriot Structures for piano, violin and guitar (Turkish-influenced music by an American composer)
Daniel Kessner, Trio for clarinet, violin and guitar (American, world premiere)
Piano works by Granados (Spain) and Lecuona (Cuba)

For more information on Matt Gould and Beth Schneider, please visit
You can hear a brief interview with Matt and Beth on KBAQ 89.5 FM

I, of course, am especially interested to take a look at the age range of the audience.  My sense is I can expect to see more people under 40 than at a typical chamber music concert.  (I did a brief presentation at a board meeting of an Indiana classical-music organization recently, and was told that they think last season 3%–yes, just three percent–of last year’s audience was under 40.)

I might suggest that they’d do well to have some video of tonight’s performers on the website–but it’s sold out.  So if it ain’t broke . . .

Assuming I get in, I’ll let you know tomorrow about my experience tonight.


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