In the village of the fiddlers

I really should be writing a press release for Wednesday’s concert, but by the time I’m done with that I may not have any blenergy (for blog energy–did I just make that up?).  Something on Andrew Sullivan caught my eye yesterday or so–blogging to generate ideas, and how that’s an essential difference between blogging and writing an article.  The distinction clicked for me; I get stuck with blogging because I want to write an essay or other piece, and then it can feel intimidating.

Wonderful time at the Indiana Fiddler’s Gathering yesterday evening/night.  At the Tippecanoe Battlefield park in Lafayette, there’s a central performance space.  There is also a big camping area, with hundreds of fiddler’s and families in tents, with people sitting around in small to medium sized groups jamming, sharing ideas, passing down traditions, etc.  You can walk around the camping area, and the sonic experience is amazing.  When I was leaving, about 11:30 PM, I got myself positioned equidistant from two groups, so I heard one in the left ear and the other in my right.  So Ivesian.  Turn my head towards one, and it was in aural focus wit the other in the background.  Hearing them at equal volume in each ear, in different keys and in different meters, was stunning and did things to my brain.

By virtue of where I happened to park, I had come in through the tent village and was touched by the communal nature of it all, and by all the groups making their own music.  So different than a classical music festival event.  Can you imagine an acre or two of tents with people playing chamber music? And then a big performance area for professional shows?  What a different set of relationships.



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