More on the Indianapolis Symphony’s Non-Fundraising

I ran into a lot of people at the really terrific Why Arts? Why Indy? event with Michael Kaiser and various local arts leaders at the University of Indianapolis this evening, and everyone seemed to have read my cranky-guy post from earlier in the day.  Or at least part of it.  (It is pretty long.)

And they had stories to share.

Jay Harvey mentioned his friend, an ISO subscriber, who received a fund-raising letter.  Except the letter in her envelope was addressed to someone else, obviously a major contributor.  Which leads us to wonder who got the letter meant for her? And whose letter did the big donor get? (Jay had already tweeted about this.)

A local freelance musician and teacher who like me has bought tickets from the ISO, and even played in the orchestra as a sub, so they definitely have her address, said she, too, is mystified–and a bit insulted–as to why she hasn’t been asked for a donation.

To top it off, an ISO player who teaches at DePauw part-time told me that he’d suggested to the someone in the development office that they send fund-raising solicitation to our music faculty.

Nope. That would be a lot of work, and probably wouldn’t yield much, was the explanation.

So it’s not that it didn’t occur to them to ask music faculty–they just didn’t bother, even when someone suggested it.  Meanwhile, the donation I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me to make would have paid for a mailing campaign several times over.

I understand there are limited resources and the ISO  staff need to focus their efforts where they anticipate there will be good results.  But as someone who retweeted the link my earlier post wrote, “#1 rule of FR: if you don’t ask, you don’t get.”






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One response to “More on the Indianapolis Symphony’s Non-Fundraising

  1. Concerned Music Teacher

    Who gains what if the ISO does not meet it’s fundraising goals? There must be an ulterior motive to this nonsense.

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