Bach Minuet in G with Lauren and Michael

Mr. Photographer and I, along with my daughter, went back to Columbus Circle tonight. The plan was to get some #celloeverywhere shots with night-time traffic, which we did (one is below; he wants to try some different settings on another outing). As we were taking those, Michael and Lauren, wonderful dancers with, asked if we would like to do something with them. I played the Minuet from the Bach Suite No. 1 in G Major, and they danced:


They’d just finished their shift. As I understand it, they hide behind the monument, and then when the tour bus approaches, they dance to music played simultaneously on the bus and through their in-ear monitors. (It’s evidently quite a show.)

We’d met Michael with a different partner yesterday. I’d seen them dancing, just after I played for the NYPD counterterrorism officers, and assumed they were professional dancers having some fun. I’d asked them if they’d like some music, and they explained they already had music. Tonight, Michael spotted us across the street and he and Lauren came over.


And so we went over to the monument. I played Bach, and they danced.


And danced.


Thanks, you two! (Email me if you’d like the full set of photos.)

It was actually more fun than sitting in the midst of the roaring traffic’s boom. Although that was cool, too.





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