#celloeverywhere: from the Smoky Mountains to Indiana to New York

A couple of years ago the idea came to me: do a series of photos of me playing the cello. In all sorts of different locations. Like the Smoky Mountains:


(This was actually quite a difficult spot to reach, which I’ll explain in another post.)


Getting to this spot was an adventure, too. It’s easier said than done, but luckily I connected with a wonderful photographer, Jiawei Fang, who has joined me in this project. This would not work as selfies! We have set up the #celloeverywhere tag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We did a shoot at the DePauw Nature Park, which encompasses an old limestone quarry, just after Christmas.


Now we are in New York as I attend the Chamber Music America conference and prepare for my concerts on January 15 and 19. Last night we went for a walk down Sixth Avenue, and discovered there are plenty of Christmas decorations still up. In front of one office building there was quite a pile of ornaments:


And many lighted evergreens in front of another:


This building also has an American flag suspended. We wanted a shot with the flag, and got it, but we also got the attention of a security guy, who politely told me I had to leave. No photos while seated, he said. (This made me wish I had a Blockstrap, which enables one to play standing up, with me.)


So we went on our way, patriotic salute made. And there was Radio City Music Hall on the other side of the street.


Mr. Photographer was working to get shots uncluttered by people, but there were plenty!


Some friends on Facebook have asked for video. It was so cold that night that I can promise you should be glad you can’t hear me! My left fingers could hardly move.

We walked over to Fifth Avenue, where the Tiffany store was blasting Christmas music as fuller-than-full volume. I had fun trying to play along (there was a big crowd, some of whom took photos of me).


And then we ended up in with a great shot of the Christmas tree behind me. We had to wait quite a while to get a shot without other folks in the background.


More to come!




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