Celloing the Brooklyn Bridge

Hey there, everyone in Alaska (I’m getting traffic from there, don’t ask me why)!

Friday evening, the amazing pianist/composer Fernando Otero and I did a short performance in a packed room at the elegant Consulate General of Argentina. It was one of three shows that doubled as showcases for attendees at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters conference taking place this weekend in midtown Manhattan. We played selections from our soon-to-be-released album, Dual, compositions by Fernando arranged for cello and piano. It is a dream come true to have now performed several times with him.

Saturday morning Mr. Photographer and I slept in, having been up a bit late the night before celebrating with my daughter and her aunt. Then came a lot of practicing as I prepare sonatas by Bach, Debussy, Schnittke, and Prokofiev for a Tuesday 7:30PM concert with Taka Kigawa at Spectrum, a venue in the East Village.

Since it was about 50º, we decided to go down to the Brooklyn Bridge for some #celloeverywhere. It took me a bit to get packed, and then the trains were slow, so it was just about sunset when we arrived. It was actually quite packed; it seemed like most of Manhattan and Brooklyn and decided to go to each other’s side of the river.


I’d got as close to the fence as possible to stay out of peoples’ way. There are actually two lanes, one for walkers and one for people on bikes, and the walkers were trespassing in the bikers’ territory with abandon, and I didn’t want to make the situation any more complicated than it was.

There were some smiles. It was getting cold, and dark, and not many people stopped to listen. Then along came a gaggle of young men who did stop and listen. One very sweetly took a dollar out of his wallet and tried to give it to me, but I smiled and said, “No money!” One of his companions pointed out, “It’s a photo shoot.” And I finished the Bach Allemande I was playing, explained #celloeverywhere, and gave them a card. They explained that they, too, are musicians, singing Monday night at Carnegie Hall, in a concert of music by Sir Karl Jenkins.


They went on back to Manhattan. Mr. Photographer headed towards Brooklyn.

And then it got very windy, and cold, and started to rain a bit. But just a bit–and then it stopped. We tried some photos with Manhattan in the background. The light was difficult–we’d need a different lense or some lights to make it work with me in the foreground and the city lights behind. This photo works best in black and white with some adjusting of light levels:


think it’s pretty cool!

Finally we got towards the middle of the bridge, and during a break from foot and bicycle traffic, were able to get this shot:


That one, Mr. Photgrapher, is very cool. Thanks!

As it was getting colder and darker, and I was concerned I was more in peoples’ way that actually offering a gift, we went back across the bridge, and along with everyone else, found Starbucks to warm up.


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