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The awful noise that started a career

The Lousiville Courier-Journal has a great profile on cellist Ben Sollee (his website) who got off to an unusual start:

When Ben Sollee’s elementary school band teacher first put the bow to the cello in his third-grade classroom, she struck the wrong note. But it was still the right chord for Sollee.

“She played all the different instruments for us, and she was a violinist and didn’t necessarily know how to play the cello,” Sollee recalled, laughing. “She went to bow the low string, and it made an awful noise — which I loved. And I was like, ‘I’m playin’ that!'”


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Ben Sollee

Fascinating NPR World Café interview with cellist/singer Ben Sollee. When I try to sing and play, it usually gets all “chuffed up.” So I’m in awe of guys like this. (David Darling is terrific at it too, in a completely different style.)


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