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Fleming cello didn’t sell, so maybe I still have a chance

I had really wanted to buy the “Fleming” Stradivarius, which was in an online auction at (Tarisio is like a very high-end Ebay for selling stringed instruments). I’d like to have a Strad cello, if only for a while.

My strategy, which was a long shot to say the least, was to win the Hoosier Lotto or the multistate Powerball. Neither came through (surprise!), so I wasn’t in a position to bid.

Turns out the submitted bids (highest was 1.35 million dollars) didn’t meet the reserve price, so if a successful negotiation isn’t completed between the highest bidder and the Fleming estate, maybe I’ll still have a chance. I’ll keep spending a few bucks a week on the lottery. Yes, it’s probably a waste of money, but at least I’m not buying cigarettes (which I gave up 10 years ago).

Both the thought of winning the lottery and using the proceeds to buy a Strad are delightful fantasies, in any event!


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