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Greenhouse live! And Steve Isserlis’s bow arm . . .

I thought my beloved former teacher, Bernard Greenhouse, now in his nineties, longer performed in public.  But he will be participating in a benefit concert on August 23 on Cape Cod, near his home.  Mr. G gives masterclasses all over the word, of course.  I’d love to hear him play again, with that incredible Strad of his.  If I didn’t have to work on August 23 (the opening of new-student orientation at DePauw), I’d find a way to get there.

And Steven Isserlis’s bow arm gets a review. I’d paste the quote I like, but I’m working on someone else’s computer and it won’t let me, for some reason. 
Pete, my son, and I are in Cold Spring, New York.  We’re taking the train later to Manhattan to have lunch in Chinatown and see a show.  There are three Broadway shows that perform on Mondays–a good idea, I think, since everyone else takes Mondays off.  And there’s always Monday Night Magic in the village.  My guess is we’ll end up at Spring Awakening if we can get tickets;  I think it’s the one a 19-year-old college student would mst enjoy.

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