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Stressed out? Doubting yourself?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of [title of show] (yes, that’s the title of the show).  Now that I’ve learned that some of my students read the blog, here’s a song, just for you, from the show to listen to when you’re beset by the “vampires” of stress and self-doubts that can come during finals week.  “Die, Vampire, Die!”

Remember, you’re wonderful, no matter what the vampires say.


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This Tosser Loves “Nine People’s Favorite Thing”

One of the best experiences I had in the last year was seeing the brilliant and inspiring (now-closed) [title of show] at the Lyceum Theater in New York.  My son, who’s 20, straight, and never seen any other Broadway musical, was with me and loved it, too.   

I mentioned in a comment on Greg Sandow’s blog the other day that I have dreams in which I hang out with Hunter and Jeff (the show’s creators and half the cast) and work with them on getting it repopened.  Maybe that dream work is paying off. I see on a fan site that it may be reopening off-Broadway in the spring.  Yay!  I realize I’ve actually been in a grief process at the thought of not being able to see it again.

This video gives a taste of what I love about [title of show’ and why I am proud to be a “tosser.”

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