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The case of the disappearing blog post

This blogging business can be a little crazy.  I wrote a similar post to this one yesterday, published it, and now it’s disappeared.

I know I published because it showed up on my Facebook profile and Twitter stream of tweets (or whatever it’s called) automatically.  Now it’s gone (which I found out because someone emailed me that the link didn’t work).  My hypothesis, which I don’t know how to test, is that there was something funky in the code I posted.  Or maybe I inadvertently deleted it myself when doing the next post. Or maybe there was/is something funky going on at–when I tried to save this draft, it wanted me to log in again, then most of the draft was gone (luckily I had copied it!). Hmm.  That’s three hypotheses–let’s call them guesses.

Anyway, there’s a social-media site called Wikio, which among other things ranks blogs based on numbers of links to the site, etc.  All that stuff is rather beyond me.  Or, rather, more than I feel like learning about.  Be that as it may, Wikio’s algorithm  has determined that this is now the No. 14 classical music blog in all the universe.  Up from No. 15 in April. A nice guy at Wikio sent me the html code for the May list in advance, and that’s what I included in yesterday’s post.

I find that a little hard to believe, but whatever.  Ken Woods, for example, must have a lot more readers than I do.  But who knows.

Looking at the blogs high on Wikio’s list, I realize that this is the only one at least quasi-regularly covering NY concert life.  So, if I had a mind to, I could spin things to say I have the No. 1 blog about New York City classical music concerts.

Oh wait, I just did.  I’m number one!

That will only last a while, though, since I’ll be going back to my life in Indiana in mid-June.  But I promise to enjoy it (this New York stuff) while it lasts, and share as much of it as possible.

When I posted yesterday, the May listing was not yet up on the Wikio site, but today it is.  So just in case the code I posted was the problem, or there were too many links, you can check the list out for yourself.


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